Method: set

Clears any existing path points and sets the path the entity will traverse from start to finish.
set (Number fromX, Number fromY, Number fromZ, Number toX, Number toY, Number toZ, Boolean findNearest)
  • NumberfromX The x tile to path from.
  • NumberfromY The y tile to path from.
  • NumberfromZ The z tile to path from.
  • NumbertoX The x tile to path to.
  • NumbertoY The y tile to path to.
  • NumbertoZ The z tile to path to.
  • BooleanfindNearest If the destination is unreachable, when set to true this option will allow the pathfinder to return the closest path to the destination tile.
Returns *
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Isogenic (ī´sōjen´ik): Adj originating from a common source; possessing the same genetic composition.
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