Isogenic Game Engine
The world's most advanced HTML5 multiplayer game engine
Stable v1.5.5 Dev v1.5.7
Used by Big Names like the BBC
Junior Vets on CBBC

Your animal patients need you, Junior Vet! Find the animals and give them a treatment to earn points and hearts. From herding sheep to helping injured lions, it's all in a day's work for a Junior Vet.

Uses isometric views this multiple level children's adventure is a great example of cross-browser gaming! One for the kids!

Junior Vets by BBC – Play Here

Designed and built by Stardotstar and True North Productions for CBBC

HTML5 Realtime Worlds
CasinoRPG, Realtime Multiplayer Isometric World

Create amazing 2D & isometric games with advanced realtime multiplayer features that run on browsers and mobile devices with a single code base.

Isogenic Engine is the world’s most advanced 2D & isometric HTML 5 game engine with state of the art scene graph-based architecture and easy to use realtime multiplayer functionality, built entirely in JavaScript it runs on browsers, mobile devices and Node.js with a single API and code base.

CasinoRPG by GoldFire Studios - Play Here
CasinoRPG and GoldFire are trademarks of GoldFire Studios

2D & Isometric Support
iBacteria Web & iPhone Game

Support for both 2D and isometric games, Isogenic Engine provides advanced features like particle emitters, tweening and cell-based animation out of the box. Text and fonts are easily positioned and updated with support for regular and cursive styles.

iBacteria can be played against the AI and with friends on the same computer taking turns to try to capture as many tiles as possible before the board fills up!

iBacteria by Irrelon Software Limited – Play Here

Retro Gaming With Modern Physics
Lander Game Example Included With Engine

Gaming with lines for perilous mountains and triangles instead of ships… it’s so retro but sports modern technology under the hood.

Create physics-based simulations like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope using the built-in physics module that talks directly to the Box2d physics engine (the same one used in Angry Birds) and makes adding physics-based interaction to your game a breeze.

Lander by Irrelon Software Limited – Play Here

When You Say Multiplayer Don’t You Just Mean Websockets?
Anyone can make a websocket connect, this is way more than that...

Unlike other engines that throw in or another networking library and call it “multiplayer”, Isogenic Engine provides the most advanced networking and realtime multiplayer functionality available in any HTML 5 game engine. The system is based on entity streaming and includes powerful simulation options and client-side entity interpolation from delta updates. The system was inspired by Valve’s Source Engine multiplayer system and you can read more about that here: Source Multiplayer Networking

Isogenic’s code base runs the same API on both a browser and Node.js and comes with a built-in multiplayer server module. You write the same code, in the same language and call the same API from both the client and server making Isogenic a truly JavaScript-only engine from front-to-back.

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Isogenic (ī´sōjen´ik): Adj originating from a common source; possessing the same genetic composition.
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