Method: managed

Gets / set the managed mode from 0 to 2. 0 = off, 1 = static, 2 = dynamic.

managed (Number val)
  • Numberval Set to 0 to switch off managed mode, 1 to set to static managed mode or 2 to dynamic managed mode. When in a managed mode and when the parent of this entity has an entity manager component enabled, the entity will be checked to see if it is inside the visible area of a viewport. If it is deemed not to be in a visible area (via it's AABB non-intersection with viewport view area) then it will either be un-mounted from the parent (mode 1) or marked as no longer in view (mode 2). Mode 2 in view = false will cause the entity to no longer be depth-sorted or rendered but will still have it's update() method called each frame allowing logic processing to occur as normal. The default managed mode is 1.
Returns *
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