Method: streamSectionData

Gets / sets the data for the specified data section id. This method is usually not called directly and instead is part of the network stream system. General use case is to write your own custom streamSectionData method in a class that extends IgeEntity so that you can control the data that the entity will send and receive over the network stream.
streamSectionData (String sectionId, * data, Boolean bypassTimeStream)
  • StringsectionId A string identifying the section to handle data get / set for.
  • *data If present, this is the data that has been sent from the server to the client for this entity.
  • BooleanbypassTimeStream If true, will assign transform directly to entity instead of adding the values to the time stream.
Returns * "this" when a data argument is passed to allow method chaining or the current value if no data argument is specified.
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